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After Sandy’s deluge, mold and dust are the threats

While Sandy has not caused problems with outdoor air quality, indoor dust, mold, fumes from temporary heating sources and the use of strong cleaning products can be irritating to the eyes, throat, and lungs. Dust can also be produced by repair and debris removal. In addition, debris […]

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Lucky Break Wishbone *It’s time you got a Lucky Break*

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Homeowners Insurance: 10 Expenses You Might Have Thought Were Covered

“Homeowners are often unaware of just how vulnerable they are to catastrophe. That’s because homeowners insurance doesn’t cover many unexpected costs, including, in many cases, damage related to earthquakes and flooding. Here are 10 expenses that you might have expected insurers to cover…” CLICK HERE TO READ […]

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When To Dry Clean Your Suit

Watch the video!

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Cleaning Shortcuts!

Windows Shortcut Focus on the exterior, where the most dirt builds up, and don’t sweat the detail work. For best results, choose a wind-free, overcast day. (Gusts will cause you to get sprayed; sunlight can leave streaks.) Tools • Plastic whisk broom (natural bristles tend to shed) […]

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